Ms Vierra-Moore's 7th Grade Language Arts
Learning about the English Language
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Important upcoming dates:
__Tutoring - Tuesday 3:15 - 4:15  - Every Tuesday
__Wednesday, October 8 - Homework sheet due
__ Friday, October 10 -On homework sheet, parent signature on info
                                             concerning independent reading, etc. due.
__ Tuesday, October 14 - Tuesday Test - 20 stems and 5 literature terms
__Wednesday, October 15- Homework sheet due
Materials needed in class everyday
_Two composition books - One for Grammar and Writing and one for
                                                Literature and Reading
_ Pocket Portfolio with all handouts that have been given out
_Homework sheet
_ At least two writing implements, one of which must be a pencil.
_ Looseleaf paper
_ DGP - grammar packets
_ Independent reading

General Homework Policy-The Homework Packet
Homework Packets are given out on Wednesday of most week.   The completed packet will be collected on the following Wednesday.   Each day there will be reading, vocabulary and/or grammar practice work.  In some cases your child  may need a dictionary to complete an assignment.  If you do not have a printed dictionary and do not have access to the Internet which provides many dictionaries, then your child  may check out a dictionary from the class, but it must be brought back the next day.  Before the packet is turned in each Wednesday, please review the packet and sign it.  Students may work ahead in the packets, unless I have given them instructions not to do so.     
I  often check students' homework  packets to see that they did the work for the night before.  Also, we often go over the work and correct it; therefore, it is important that your child bring his packet to class each day.

Grammar -Grammar - We will be using the Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) grammar program this year.  At the start of each class we will have a grammar practice exercise.  
Literature/Reading- Unit 1 -Science or Science Fiction
                   Readings - Ray Bradbury - Stories from The Martian Chronicles
                                       Louis L' Amour - "The Eternal Frontier";  Walt Whitman - "O Pioneers"
                                       Variety of internert readings about Mars and Venus exploration

Vocabulary & Spelling - We will be using a roots and stem vocabulary system for teaching vocabulary.  Vocabulary activities will account for a major portion of the student's homework
 1. anti (against)                      2. bi (2)                              3. comm (together)                   4. dis (away)
5. mono (one)                        6. nym (name)                  7. pyro (fire)                               8. re (again)
9. se (apart)                           10. semi (half)                   11. tele (far)                                 12. ultra (beyond)
13. ver (true)                           14. zo (animal)                  15. alter (other)                          16. bene (good)
17. chron (time)                     18. demi (half)                   19.-ess (female)                         20. fin (end)
21. gamy (marriage)              22. hydro (water)              23. inter (between)                   24. intra (within)
25. junct (join)                       26. lat (side)                      27. mal (bad)                              28. non (not)
29. omni (all)                         30. phon (sound)              31. poly (many)                          32. rupt (break)
33. scrib (write)                     34. sens (feel)                    35. thermo (heat)                      36. trib (give/pay)
37. uni (one)                           38. apt (able/fit)               39. cent (100)                              40. centri (center)
41. dict (say)                           42. ex (out)                        43. graph (write)                        44. hyper (over)
45. il-(not)                              46. ject (throw)                 47. logy (science/study)           48. mis (bad)

At Home Indepedent Reading:
         Each quarter students are required to read  two chapter books, fiction or non-fiction, written at or near their reading level.   Please encourage you child to complete these books by their due date.
 To receive credit for their reading, students must
____  have the books approved by me in advance.  
____ Upon completing the book they must either complete a project or fill out a book report form.             
-for 3 of the books students must complete one of the projects of the"Ways to Present a Book" handout.  
-for 3 of their books students must fill out a book report form.
- 2 are free choice between project or form

 Notebooks :
                Students will be keeping an interactive notebook.  They must have two compostition books and a portfolio for handouts.  By the end of the year they are most likely to need another composition book.  
                 Notebooks will be collected and graded and notebooks will be assessed with notebook quizzes.  
               Students must have a separate notebooks for language arts.  Their notebook will be collected and graded from time to time.  They will be graded for organization, work,  and completeness.                                                 






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